Following the publication of images and video of Justin Trudeau wearing blackface, a Carleton expert is available to comment.

Warren Clarke
PhD student, Sociology

Phone: 873-353-1493

Clarke’s research interests include youth cultures; social citizenship; neoliberalism and gentrification; race and ethnicity; anti-colonialism; and masculinity. Clarke’s current research, Mapping the experiences and struggles of un(der)employed Afro-Caribbean “Black” (ACB) young men in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa, focuses on understanding the social experiences of English-and French-speaking ACB young men who utilize youth employment training programs. The study aims to understand how race and gender biases are considered among co-ordinators, employers and funders who work, directly or indirectly, with young ACB men who are seeking employment through these programs.

As a way to bring awareness to the stigmatization and social barriers faced by ACB young men, Clarke has curated and facilitated a community event series called Barber Shop Talk. This event dedicates itself to disrupting misconceptions about black masculinity, creating a space for conversation, expression and the generation of solutions for some of the significant stressors that Canadian black men and boys face.

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