Research Impact Canada (RIC), a pan-Canadian network of universities, including Carleton University, committed to maximizing the impact of academic research for the public good, has been honoured with an Outstanding Achievement Award at the inaugural Real Impact Awards.

“At Carleton, we strive to maximize the impact of our research on society,” said Rafik Goubran, vice-president (Research and International). “Carleton is proud of its involvement with Research Impact Canada and of this well-deserved recognition.”

One of the world’s first networks dedicated to building institutional capacity for knowledge mobilization, RIC has been supporting the public good in local and global communities for more than 12 years by sharing tools and building capacity.

Carleton has been a member of RIC since 2012. Carleton’s leadership has helped break down competitive barriers among institutions to create a community of practice working towards a shared goal of improving the quantity and quality of knowledge mobilization at universities across Canada, particularly in areas such as accessibility, energy efficiency, and ageing.

The Real Impact judges were impressed with the global network’s vision of enabling researchers and their partners to demonstrate research excellence. RIC’s sole objective is creating a positive impact on culture, society, health, economy and environment, as well as on public understanding, beliefs and attitudes.

The awards celebrate the commitment by the research community across the globe to honour the changemakers, and bring together key stakeholders.

The awards aim to raise the profile of individuals, teams and institutions that have placed having a real impact at the top of their agenda, recognize innovative approaches to having an impact, celebrate interdisciplinary research, bridge the gap between research and practice, and tell real success stories.

RIC and the other winners will be honoured at a gathering in January 2019, and their achievements promoted across Emerald websites, social media and press.

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