Carleton University Prof. Jean-Guy Godin, Chancellor’s Professor in the Department of Biology, has been awarded the 2018 F.E.J. Fry Medal by the Canadian Society of Zoologists. The medal is bestowed annually to a Canadian zoologist who has made an outstanding contribution to knowledge and understanding in an area in zoology.

Godin was presented with the medal at the annual meeting of the society, held from May 7 to 11 at Memorial University in St. John’s, Nfld. As part of the award, he delivered the keynote Fry Lecture entitled “Sexual Selection and Male Mate Choice: Insights from a Small Tropical Fish.”

Godin’s field of expertise is behavioural ecology and his research interests focus on the evolution of behavioural adaptations for survival and reproduction in animals – particularly in fish.

Godin has received several other honours and awards, including fellow of the Animal Behavior Society and fellow of the Linnean Society of London.

The Canadian Society of Zoologists was founded in 1961.  The not-for-profit scientific society is dedicated to enhancing education and research in zoology at provincial, federal and international levels. It seeks to promote the advancement and public awareness of zoology, as well as facilitate sharing knowledge and ideas among those interested in the field’s science and practice.

The Fry Medal is awarded in honour of the late Prof. F.E.J. Fry (Fellow Royal Society of Canada, Medal of the British Empire, Centennial Medal of Canada, Flavelle Medal) of the Department of Zoology at the University of Toronto, a founding member of the society and world-renowned pioneer in the field of physiological ecology.

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