Elza Karapetyan is First to Earn Carleton’s Master of Entrepreneurship

By Lucy Juneau

Elza Karapetyan is the first student to graduate from Carleton University’s new Master of Entrepreneurship offered by the respected Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program.

Karapetyan, 37, said she hopes to constantly developing as a professional and thoroughly enjoyed the program and all it had to offer.

“I will always remember the excitement when accomplishing a task that seemed impossible,” said Karapetyan. “This program challenges students to perform their best.”

The unique program provides students with practical benefits such as access to the business accelerator, Lead To Win, which evaluates business ideas and finds resource solutions. Students learn how to behave as entrepreneurs, an environment of uncertainty, with guided professional advice.

“My degree is about making business, not just (talking) about it. If compared with standard MBA courses, the TIM Program involves much more practical knowledge and understanding of how to operate a startup in the real-world,” said Karapetyan.

“Perhaps the most important understanding for me personally, was that a person (doesn’t have) to be born with an entrepreneurial nature. This skill can be taught, you just have to have a dream and transform it into a goal.”

Karapetyan would recommend the program to anyone who has a desire to start their own business, or wants to develop skills and is thinking of higher managerial positions.

“If you have a dream to become a business owner or to learn product development skills, join the program,” said Karapetyan. “It is better if you have a business idea before you apply. You will have a chance to shape it constantly.”

After graduation, she will be working with Customized Technologies, a startup company operating in 3D printing and scanning services.

Karapetyan described herself as a positive person who loves managing several activities at once. In fact, her motivation peaks when facing multiple tasks as opposed to just a single one, making this degree, and a future in startup companies, fitting.