Grad Research: The Impact of Colour-Blindness on Online Gaming

Colour blindness is a condition that affects millions of people in North America.  Graduate student Daniela Napoli hopes to discover what accessibility measures may be needed to accommodate colour-blind individuals, specifically in regards to online gaming.

“We see it everywhere we go. Colours have significant meanings,” explained Napoli.

“We wear black to a formal event, and bright yellow on a fun day at the beach.”

Napoli is in the first year of the master’s program in Human-Computer Interaction here at Carleton.

Her research demonstrates that colours are not just relevant in these real-life situations. They also serve important functions online.

Specifically in interface design, colours are important in delivering information and cuing users to complete certain tasks.

This presents a challenge to colour-blind individuals trying to navigate these online interfaces.

Napoli explained:  “Previous research demonstrates that certain colours, like red, can influence our brains to be more alert and focused while playing games. The colours in game interfaces can essentially help us make snap decisions and better choices.”

“But, do colour-blind individuals experience these benefits in the same way? My research hopes to shine some light on this question.”

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