Grad Research: More Effective Software

–Written by Mitch Jackson

While in India, current Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student Sunint Khalsa was a regular reader and admirer of Dr. Yvan Labiche’s research at Carleton University.

“One day, I found myself sending my resumé and application to Dr. Labiche to pursue a PhD under his guidance,” said Khalsa.

Labiche is the lead researcher and principal investigator of the SQUALL, and is the Department Chair of Systems and Computer Engineering.

The Software Quality Engineering Laboratory (SQUALL) is an industry-oriented, software engineering research laboratory, which is located in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering at Carleton University.

Its overall objective is to “develop new methodologies and tools and to evaluate existing methodologies and tools, to develop higher quality software in a cost-effective manner.”

Several Systems and Computer Engineering students are heavily involved in the research that the SQUALL carries out.

Khalsa will be graduating in the spring with her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and is working in the field of Software Testing, specifically with a Black Box testing technique called Category Partitioning (CP).

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