SHAD Comes to Carleton

By Liam McPherson

Carleton University is one of 13 campuses across the country hosting SHAD this July. SHAD Carleton is hosting 60 top students from across the country; these students are Canada’s next wave of bright, young minds and the SHAD program’s aim is to empower and give them the tools to be Canada’s next generation of innovators and world changers.

SHAD, which was founded in 1980, welcomes students in grades 10 to 12 who are then immersed in a one-month enrichment program focused on science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). The students work with university faculty and corporate leaders to gain knowledge in many different areas of science, technology, the arts, business and entrepreneurship. Carleton has hosted SHAD since 1989.

Matthew Murphy, who has come all the way from Manitoba to participate in SHAD Carleton, said it’s incredible how the program has brought everyone together. “We had a group chat set up on social media before everyone left for Ottawa. The day I landed, I was in the airport and sent a message like ‘is anyone here?’ and a bunch of people met up with me. Right away, we were all getting to know each other.”

Erin Engelhardt, former SHAD student and program director at SHAD Carleton, says Carleton is an “amazing place to run SHAD” because of the support received from the university. “The feedback from professors has been incredible…they get a real blast out of the students, because they’re so keen and so engaged, they really have a great time teaching the SHADs.”

Celina Chen, a SHAD participant from Toronto, has enjoyed her time on campus. Her favourite moment of SHAD came when her and her friends were washing dishes in the rain, singing campfire songs to pass the time. “In SHAD, we’re taught a lot of things, so you could call it technical knowledge. For me, it was more of a life skill moment. We had to work together to accomplish a task and it brought us together. Something so simple that could make us all laugh was really inspiring for me.”

Arsh Sanwarwala is pleased with how Carleton’s facilities and workshops are focused on hands-on learning. “We recently had a workshop on how to successfully run and manage a business. It was really hands-on and I learned a lot. I think that’s a more effective way to learn.”

“My favourite part of campus is the groundhogs though,” he added with a chuckle.

The SHADs will be at Carleton until July 28, using state-of-the-art facilities such as Carleton’s Discovery Centre in MacOdrum Library, the Chemistry Superlab, the Human Computer Interaction Lab, and the Information Technology Lab.

Open Day for SHAD Carleton is on July 27 from 2-4:30pm in Leeds 124 and the Carleton community and public is invited to see what the SHADs have done throughout the month, talk to SHADs and program leaders, and learn about the new innovations that the SHADs have come up with to meaningfully reduce Canada’s energy footprint.