Carleton Marks Official Founding Day to Celebrate 75th Anniversary

Carleton University celebrated its 75th anniversary year today with a Founding Day Celebration to mark a meeting on June 18, 1942 at the Chateau Laurier when Carleton was officially born.

It was on this day, 75 years ago, that the Ottawa Association for the Advancement of Learning was established to assume responsibility for operating Carleton College. The first Board of Governors was established and Henry Marshall Tory was appointed president and elected board chair.

These visionary citizens opened the doors of post-secondary education to students building their careers after the Depression and service in the Second World War. Carleton University is now a leading post-secondary institution, one that has provided a unique educational experience to 140,000 graduates over seven decades.

The reception at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier was attended by nearly 250 members and supporters of the Carleton community, including Chancellor Charles Chi, Board of Governors Chair Chris Carruthers and President Roseann O’Reilly Runte, included musical performances, speeches and historical exhibits.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent congratulations via video and several MPs, MPPs and Ottawa councillors were on hand to toast the university. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson presented Carleton with the Key to the City – Ottawa’s highest honour.

As well, Dr. Runte was awarded the medal of Commander in the Ordre de la Couronne (Order of the Crown) by Belgium Ambassador Raoul Delcorde. The medal recognizes artistic, literary and scientific merit, and especially her unflagging support for international student and faculty partnerships and exchanges between Belgium and Canada.

Carleton’s reputation was built on its strengths in the fields of journalism, public affairs, international affairs, architecture and high technology. Its students benefit from an interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to teaching and research practised by award-winning faculty, and from partnerships developed with governments, other universities and private-sector collaborators.


“It’s been quite the journey since Carleton first opened its doors right here in the Chateau Laurier. From those beginnings, you have grown to be a leader in higher education and you’ve helped over a 100,000 graduates take their first steps down their paths to success. Your alums are world-renowned journalists, tech executives, artists of all kinds, diplomats, civil servants and leaders in communities around the world.”  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

“I wish to thank the citizens of Ottawa and surrounding communities for their support and leadership in making Carleton what it is today. With your help, we have assured a dynamic future for Canada’s Capital University. Carleton’s 75th anniversary in 2017 celebrates the university’s commitment to giving back through education while pursuing contributions to the common good.”   Dr. Carruthers

“It’s an absolute honour to present the Key to the City to my alma mater, Carleton University. Over the last 75 years, Carleton has had a tremendous impact in the City of Ottawa. Through the university’s excellence and commitment to education, Carleton University has empowered students to bring their enthusiasm, intelligence and ideas to the forefront of their studies. I count my time at Carleton as the moment I knew I wanted to be involved in public service. Numerous of other graduates have also gone on to become community leaders, business leaders, politicians, entertainers or journalists, and they have shaped our neighbourhoods and enriched our lives.”   Mayor Watson

“We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the citizens of Ottawa who founded Carleton University 75 years ago. Through dedication and collaboration, we will continue to offer this region and the world, access to excellence in education and research to support economic and cultural growth.”   Dr. Runte

About Carleton’s 75th Anniversary

Carleton’s 75th anniversary in 2017 celebrates the university’s commitment to giving back through education while pursuing contributions to the common good. These founding values are at the heart of the university’s focus on research, community partnerships and teaching excellence. Carleton students, faculty, staff and alumni are motivated by a desire to make their world a better place. And as the university marks a major milestone in Canada’s 150th anniversary year, we are showcasing the innovation and creativity of our collaborations. Because what’s good for Carleton is good for Canada and the world. It’s been a tradition for 75 years.

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