Carleton University Student Caitlin Salvino Wins 3M National Student Fellowship

Carleton University’s Caitlin Salvino, who will be graduating in June with a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights and Law with a concentration in Transnational Law and Human Rights, has been honoured with a 3M National Student Fellowship.

The fellowship was awarded to 10 full-time college and undergraduate university students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and taken their academic experience beyond the classroom.

As part of the fellowship, Salvino has been invited to join other award winners at the annual Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE) conference in Halifax and has received a $5,000 award. She will also have the opportunity to develop a collaborative project related to post-secondary education.

“I am honoured to be a 3M National Student Fellow,” said Salvino.  “This award is meaningful to me because it recognizes educational leadership. This form of leadership goes beyond academic achievements and the number of clubs one gets involved in. It recognizes leadership that bridges education and community involvement.  For me, this has been applying my passion for human rights and women’s rights to my community. I have sought to work and learn from others to improve our campus and the national and international community.”

Salvino plans to study international law in the Netherlands this summer and then apply to law school in the future. She was the president of Oxfam at Carleton and the co-founder of Carleton’s Human Rights Society. Recently, she has worked on Carleton’s sexual violence policy and this summer she will work for the Carleton University Student’s Association (CUSA) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA) to develop a national student response to sexual violence on campuses. She is also involved in volunteering with children and young adults with special needs, most recently helping coach a Special Olympics basketball team.

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