Chancellor’s Professor Michel Nakhla Awarded Prestigious IEEE A.G.L. McNaughton Gold Medal

Carleton University’s Michel Nakhla, Chancellor’s Professor in the research-intensive Faculty of Engineering and Design’s Department of Electronics, has been named the 2017 recipient of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Canada’s A.G.L. McNaughton Gold Medal.

The McNaughton Gold Medal is IEEE Canada’s highest honour, recognizing outstanding Canadian engineers for their exceptional contributions to the field.

“I am deeply honoured to receive such recognition from the prestigious IEEE organization,” said Nakhla. “This is not a recognition for my research achievements alone, but also for the high calibre of research work being done at Carleton University as a whole.”

Nakhla is the founder of the high-speed Computer-Aided Design (CAD) research group at Carleton and is a frequent invited speaker on the topic of high-speed interconnects. He was an early pioneer of the concept of Harmonic Balance, which is the backbone of current radio frequency (RF) and microwave circuit simulators. His innovative algorithms for prediction and correction of high-speed effects at the early stage of the design cycle are widely used.

Nakhla has served on numerous international engineering committees, as well as government research grant selection panels.  Prior to joining the engineering faculty at Carleton, Nakhla held senior positions in the engineering industry and currently serves as a technical consultant for several industry organizations.

“Professor Nakhla’s recognition by IEEE Canada emphasizes Carleton’s leadership in engineering research and innovation,” said Fred Afagh, acting dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design. “His significant and impactful contributions to the field of electrical engineering and high-speed computer-aided design make him highly deserving of this great honour.”

Nakhla will receive the award on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the IEEE Canada Awards Gala in Windsor, Ont., where he will deliver a guest lecture.

About Michel Nakhla

Nakhla joined the Carleton engineering faculty in 1988 as the holder of the Computer-Aided Engineering Senior Industrial Chair. He is the co-recipient of the IEEE 2002 Microwave Prize, which recognizes of the most significant contribution by a published paper to the field of interest to the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society. He was awarded the IEEE Fellowship in 1998 for his contributions to the development of advanced computer-aided design techniques for microwave circuits and high-speed interconnects. He has authored or co-authored more than 300 technical papers that have contributed significantly to the evolution of the design automation field.

Nakhla was named a Life Fellow with the IEEE in 2011.

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