Students taking part in the Dialog studio experience analyze the skyline in downtown Toronto.

Architecture Students Help Design New “Central Park of Toronto” with DIALOG

A group of Carleton University students have been working on what could, according to Toronto Coun. Joe Cressy, become the “Central Park of Toronto.”

A total of 15 graduate students from the Master of Architecture (MArch) program are now finished working with design firm DIALOG in their Toronto studio.

The students and DIALOG have been “exploring concepts for the Rail Deck Park,” an urban area being considered by the City of Toronto.

Meaghan Wilson was one of the 15 students working with DIALOG last semester. Wilson decided to pursue the program after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

As someone who is driven by curiosity and creativity, Wilson said that she “stumbled” into architecture.

“I saw the MArch program as leading towards a profession where experimentation is expected and curiosity is celebrated.’’

However, for Wilson, architecture is more than just a job.

“It presents the promise of a most rewarding profession, combined with the gift of spending a lifetime embracing a craft . . . my craft,” she said.

Experience with DIALOG a highlight

Wilson lists her current studio experience with DIALOG as one of the highlights of the program so far, as well as a directed studies experience in Barcelona.

Even though Wilson’s studies have had a global scale, one of her favourite parts of the program remains studio life at Carleton.

“As a Vancouver native, I don’t have family in Ottawa, but because studio life is so comprehensive; I’ve acquired a new architecture family,” said Wilson.

“The DIALOG studio experience is about real studio life within the professional world of downtown Toronto. DIALOG has fueled both my excitement and desire for the profession,” said Wilson.

Working in a professional studio environment

The six-week intensive studio experience gave Wilson her first opportunity to work within the professional studio environment.

“DIALOG is teaching me what it’s like to design in the real world and I’m incredibly excited.’’

Nourhan Zaky is a MArch student who took a more conventional path to the program. Zaky completed her bachelor’s in Architectural Studies and described the decision to jump to the MArch program as a “no brainer.”

For Zaky, DIALOG has provided her with the experience of working in a team environment.

“Being immersed in their firm and the professional environment is incredibly motivating. Just observing the way they tackle issues and arrive at a common ground is exciting.”

Zaky had no doubt that DIALOG will help her with her program and career goals.

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