Experts Available: Marijuana Legalization

Following the tabling of marijuana legalization legislation, Carleton experts are available to comment.

Matthew Bellamy

Associate Professor, Department of History


Bellamy’s research interests include Canadian political history, Canadian economic and business history, and cultural history – especially the history of consumption. His work on brewing has been recently published in The Walrus, Canada’s History Magazine, Legion Magazine, the CHR and the international journal of Brewery History. He is also a regular contributor to Taps: The Beer Magazine.


Marcus Sibley
PhD Candidate, Department of Law and Legal Studies


Sibley’s research interests include criminal subjectivities; risk, vulnerability and affect; governmentality; sex work; domestic violence; and victimology. His research explores how criminalized subjectivities intersect with legal discourses surrounding regulation, risk and governance. He is particularly interested in the ways criminalized groups attempt to constitute their own subjectivities through narratives of risk and affect in an effort to negotiate and manoeuvre through competing identities of criminality and victimhood.


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