Carleton Grad Student Tells a Great Story

Carleton University graduate student Carly Farmer received an honorable mention in this year’s Storyteller Challenge sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

As a master’s student in Architecture, Farmer chose to focus her research on how to repurpose an old grist mill in Smith Falls, Ont. Farmer points out that the mill was originally the heart of the community but, over time, diminished in significance due to the decline of the manufacturing industry.

The Storyteller Challenge tasked post-secondary students across Canada with demonstrating how social sciences and humanities research affects our lives, our world  and our future prosperity. They were asked to produce a video, podcast, editorial or infographic promoting a great SSHRC-funded research project.

Farmer produced a video. You can view it be clicking here.

More information about the Storyteller challenge is available on this web page.