Advisory Committee on the Appointment of the President and Vice-Chancellor: Election of Senate Representatives

To All Faculty,

Carleton University is commencing the process to search for a new President and Vice-Chancellor. To assist with this process, the Board of Governors has formally requested that Senate elect three members from the tenured faculty and professional librarians (one of whom must hold the rank of Full Professor), one graduate student and one undergraduate student to the Advisory Committee on the President and Vice-Chancellor as specified by the Board in its Appointment Guidelines for President and Vice-Chancellor (last revised April, 2014.)

This is a call for nominations for persons to serve on the Advisory Committee on the President and Vice-Chancellor as Senate representatives. Nominees are expected to meet the requirements to serve on Senate or its committees. Specifically, faculty nominees must be active, tenured faculty members in an academic unit of the university. Student nominees must be actively registered in degree studies at Carleton University. Additionally, it is expected that undergraduate student nominees meet the requirements specified in the Academic Governance of the University document for serving on Senate or Senate Committees. That is, undergraduate students are expected to be registered in at least one course in each of the fall and winter terms during their period of service; have completed successfully at least four credits prior to service; maintain the academic status of Good Standing throughout their period of service, and, must have been previously elected to a governance position at the faculty or department level document. Nominees do not have to be members of Senate. A rationale including some biographical information is required.

The Advisory Committee will commence its work as soon as possible and as early as May, 2017. The Advisory Committee will be active throughout the search process and it is possible that the committee will be active for approximately a year. Nominees need to be available during this time. Thus a nominee faculty member must not be on leave now or planning to be on leave before the work of the committee is complete. Similarly, student nominees will need to be maintain their status as students and be in Good Standing throughout the period. As is customary, nominations require three nominators from Senate and the nominee must agree to serve.

Please submit nominations to the Senate Office, Room 607, Robertson Hall by noon on Wednesday, April 19.

Submissions may be sent by e-mail to the Clerk of Senate and signatures may be replaced by an email from that person indicating support for the nomination. Receipt of complete nominations will be confirmed.

A complete nomination will require:

  1. The name and signature of (or email from) the nominee
  2. Constituency: faculty and professional librarians or graduate student or undergraduate student
  3. Academic department for faculty or academic program for students
  4. A paragraph (maximum 100 words) stating the rationale for the nomination
  5. Names and signatures of (or emails from) three nominators from Senate

If you have any questions concerning this, please contact the Clerk of Senate or the Senate Office.

Nomination forms may be accessed from this website.

Donald Russell
Senate Electoral Officer