Starlings One Documented in Science and Technology Museum Video

The Canada Science and Technology Museum has completed an official video documenting Starlings One, a large helium-filled balloon canopy of string and LED lights that floated three storeys up in Ottawa’s historic ByWard Market in October 2016.

The one day performance and urban intervention project, concocted by Carleton Architecture Prof. Manuel Baez, was for the launch of a local independent research lab called pHacktory. The inaugural experiment over William’s Square attracted hundreds of spectators.

“You’re seeing thousands of balloons here,” said Baez in the video. “This allows us to explore these two forces that are really mirror images of each other: tension and compression. Through this playful act, we’re learning more about these forces.”

pHacktory will test out wild ideas with the help of the Ottawa community. The more difficult or impossible the idea seems, the better.

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