Melissa Corbin with her Chief Statistician of Canada Infographic Award.

Carleton Student Wins Statistics Canada Infographic Challenge

Third-year Carleton Health Sciences student Melissa Corbin has been named the winner of the Chief Statistician of Canada Infographic Award. Her infographic “Cancer in Canada 2016” earned the top spot for both the judging panel and the public vote. The competition took place Feb. 28, 2017 as the final five teams presented their projects.

Corbin’s winning infographic analyzed Canadian cancer statistics and educates the reader on cancer rates, mortality, costs and prevention.

“I chose to cover this topic of cancer in Canada primarily because I myself lost several loved ones to this disease,” she said. “Therefore it’s had a great impact on my life and it’s something I think about on a daily basis.”

The competition invited students to create an original infographic from Statistics Canada data. The challenge was open to post-secondary students from the National Capital Region. In total, 44 teams competed in the inaugural competition. The infographics selected to proceed to the finals were put to a week-long public vote in late February.

At the final, the infographics were evaluated by the panel on their relevance, accuracy and design. The infographic receiving the most votes from the public was awarded extra points.

Carleton was well-represented in the final with three teams selected for the five spaces. In addition to Corbin, up for consideration were the infographics submitted by Carleton students Shayla Weedmark, Hailey Scott and Kojo Dankwa.

“Let’s Get Kids Moving, Canada!” was submitted by Weedmark and Scott. It demonstrated the current state of physical activity among Canadian youth and the benefits of exercise for those aged five to 17. Dankwa’s infographic “Work-Related Stress” educated its readers on the prevalence and impacts of workplace stress.


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