Carleton’s Claudia Schröder-Adams Selected for Mercator Fellowship

By Emily Bolton

Carleton University’s Claudia Schröder-Adams, professor in the Department of Earth Sciences, has been awarded a Mercator Fellowship from the German research foundation Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The fellowship will allow Schröder-Adams to continue studying past climate phases in the Arctic.

The Mercator Fellowship Program provides outstanding researchers and practitioners with the freedom they need to pursue exploratory work and research. Fellowships enable intensive, long-term project-based collaboration between researchers from both German and foreign institutions.

“I left Germany as a young PhD student,’’ said Schröder-Adams. “Being awarded the Mercator Fellowship from my home country and the German Research Foundation after decades working in Canada is a great honour for me.”

As part of the fellowship, Schröder-Adams will work at the Goethe University of Frankfurt in Germany for three months with Jens Herrle. Their work will be an extension of the Arctic research program chronicled in Schröder-Adams’s documentary Arctic Greenhouse. The pair will complete several publications about their 2014 field season and plan their next expedition to the Arctic in the summer of 2018.

Arctic Greenhouse premiered at two sold-out screening at the Canadian Museum of Nature in January. The film follows an expedition that Schröder-Adams and her team made to Nunavut’s Axel Heiberg and Ellesmere islands in 2014, showcasing their research on how the polar ecosystem responded to dramatic environmental changes, including increased levels of carbon dioxide during the Cretaceous Period.

She was accompanied on that trip by collaborator Jens Herrle, Carleton graduate student Alex Quesnel and northern resident and videographer, Keenan Lindell. Schröder-Adams and Herrle will host the film’s German premiere in May at the annual meeting of the German Polar Society.

Schröder-Adams will also teach a course on Arctic micropaleontology for Frankfurt students and co-lead a field trip to the Vocontian Basin in southern France with nine undergraduate and graduate Carleton students and five German students.

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