FPA Research Excellence Award Symposium to Discuss Sexual Representation as Threat and Empowerment

Carleton University will host the 2017 FPA Research Excellence Award Symposium – Feminist Sex Wars: Sexual Representation as Threat and Empowerment with Prof. Ummni Khan of the Department of Law and Legal Studies. Khan will lead the day-long event discussing controversies relating to sexual representation – both past and present.

When: Monday, Feb. 27, 2017 from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Where: Second floor conference rooms, Richcraft Hall (formerly River Building), Carleton University
Info: Participant registration is now full. Media can still attend, however. The complete symposium program can be found online.

The symposium will blend critical analysis with creative expression, featuring both performances and discussion on the role of erotica as empowerment, pleasure and resistance. Experts in the feminist pornography debates of the ‘80s and ‘90s will discuss contemporary issues such as sexting, revenge porn and sex work, as well as provide historical, cultural and legal context. The day will conclude with a video and discussion of the Kiss & Tell collective’s sexually explicit photographic exhibition Drawing the Line.

Symposium panelists include Brenda Cossman (University of Toronto), Karen Busby (University of Manitoba), Trish Salah (Queen’s University), Lara Karaian (Carleton University), Patrizia Gentille (Carleton University), Lizard Jones (Kiss & Tell), Susan Stewart (Kiss & Tell), Tracy Bear (University of Alberta), Geraldine King (Queen’s University), sex workers’ rights activist Anna-Aude Caouette and musician Casey Mecija.

About Ummni Khan

Khan is the Joint Chair in Women’s Studies and winner of the 2016 Carleton University Faculty of Public Affair’s Research Excellence Award. Khan’s research focuses on the overlapping ways that sexuality, gender and the racialized body are constructed, policed and placed in discourse in law and society.

About the 2017 FPA Research Excellence Award Symposium

This event is co-organized by the Joint Chair in Women’s and Gender Studies and Carleton University’s Faculty of Public Affairs. The event is sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the Department of Law and Legal Studies, the Sexuality Studies Minor Program, the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, and is part of FPA Research Month.


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