Expert Available: National Flag of Canada Day

National Flag of Canada Day is Feb. 15 and a Carleton expert is available to comment:

Richard Nimijean
Instructor III, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies


Nimijean was educated in political science and public policy, and has researched, written and taught in the areas of Canadian studies; Canadian politics; regional innovation systems; science and technology policy; and scholarly communication.

Nimijean is active in the Canadian studies community, participating in activities sponsored by the International Council of Canadian Studies, the Association for Canadian Studies in United States, the British Association of Canadian Studies, the Mexican Association of Canadian Studies and Global Affairs Canada. He has delivered talks across Canada, the United States, Mexico, England, Ireland, France, Poland, Italy, Chile and Argentina.

Nimijean is the co-author, along with Pauline Rankin, of the chapter “Marketing the Maple Leaf: The Curious Case of National Flag of Canada Day” in Celebrating Canada Volume I: Holidays, National Days, and the Crafting of Identities.


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