Carleton Lowers Flag in Respect of Victims of Shooting at Mosque in Quebec City

Dear Members of the Carleton University Community,

Yesterday’s news brought reports from Quebec City which we all read with enormous sadness. The tragic murders of people who were peacefully at prayer at a mosque  are so shocking and abhorrent that it is difficult to accept that that they occurred at all.  It is even more devastating to think that such terrible hatred and violence found expression here in Canada where we take pride and pleasure in our diversity and the way we treat others with respect.

The flags on campus have been lowered to half mast in memory of those who lost their lives.  This gesture is one symbol of the sorrow we all share.  I would also ask all students, staff and faculty to join me in sharing 5 minutes of silence today, Tuesday, January 31 at twelve noon, as an expression of our solidarity against the unspeakable horror that occurred.  If we could all please pause in our work, our teaching, research and routines to stand–wherever we are—together in silence, I would be most grateful.  I myself will be in the Galleria.

Each time we ask members of the community what makes Carleton special, they respond with the words: kindness and caring.  Let us join together in demonstrating those qualities in silent unison on Tuesday.  May we spend these few moments in quiet reflection remembering this dark day and contemplating the possibilities of a better world.

Sincerely yours,

Roseann O’Reilly Runte