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Ashley McCulloch Conducts Research into Toxic Work Environments

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Have you ever felt that your workplace was an unbearable place, filled with stress, emotional tension and anger? You may have been working in what is commonly referred to as a toxic work environment.

Ashley McCulloch, who will be graduating in February with a PhD in Psychology from Carleton, recently conducted research on these toxic environments

A systemic organizational issue

Specifically, McCulloch looked at toxic environments as a systemic organizational issue.

McCulloch worked in the areas of change management and leadership assessment before starting her PhD in Organizational Psychology at Carleton.

The motivation for McCulloch to pursue this topic came from her own, as well as colleagues’ experiences in work environments that they felt were toxic.

“I noticed the experience (of workplace toxicity) was not universal to all work group members, but it was also clear that it was not simply an individual problem,” said McCulloch.

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