Carleton’s Law and Legal Studies Department Celebrates 50 Years

Carleton University’s Department of Law and Legal Studies will host a special reception to celebrate its 50th anniversary year.

When: Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Where: Rooms 2220-2228, Richcraft Hall (formerly River Building), Carleton University, Ottawa
This is a free event, attendees are required to RSVP to

In 1967, the Department of Law and Legal Studies emerged as the first in Canada to study law within an interdisciplinary context. Since then, it has grown to offer the largest and most extensive undergraduate and graduate programs in legal studies in the country.

To launch the department’s anniversary celebrations, a reception will be held with staff, faculty, instructors, students, alumni and other guests to recognize 50 years of innovation and excellence. President Roseann O’Reilly Runte will provide opening remarks, followed by a welcome from department Chair Ron Saunders.

Information on upcoming Law and Legal Studies anniversary events can be found on the department website.

This celebration takes place as part of Carleton’s 75th anniversary year. For additional information on CU75 events, please visit the anniversary website.

About Carleton’s 75th Anniversary

Carleton’s 75th anniversary in 2017 celebrates the university’s commitment to giving back through education while pursuing contributions to the common good. These founding values are at the heart of the university’s focus on research, community partnerships and teaching excellence. Carleton students, faculty, staff and alumni are motivated by a desire to make their world a better place. And as the university marks a major milestone in Canada’s 150th anniversary year, we are showcasing the innovation and creativity of our collaborations. Because what’s good for Carleton is good for Canada and the world. It’s been a tradition for 75 years.

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