A student takes part in CUAG's Community Art Exhibition

The 4th Carleton Community Art Exhibition at CUAG

By Joseph Mathieu

Nestled among the residences near the north end of campus, the Carleton University Art Gallery (CUAG) always features brilliant, diverse and striking artwork on its walls.

The CUAG has always worked that art into its mission to be a hub for the Carleton community, and the event that accomplishes this better than any other is easily the Carleton Community Art Exhibition.

The fourth edition of the Exhibition will cover the entire first floor of the CUAG for 10 days this January, and will feature paintings, drawings, textiles, photographs and other art from anyone in the Carleton community.

“We want as much art as we can get and it can be any kind of art,” said Katie Kendall, the Exhibition curator. “We completely fill the walls with work.”

The exhibition invites every member of the Carleton community—staff, faculty, students and alumni—to submit up to two art pieces that are ready to hang in the CUAG. Submissions are welcome from now until Jan. 5, 2017.

Kendall is a first-year MA candidate in Art History completing her placement at the CUAG, where she used to work as a desk monitor. She witnessed the previous Exhibition in 2014, and had a sense of the task at hand when the gallery director Sandra Dyck approached her.

CUAG Community Art Exhibition a Platform for Amateur Artists

As curator, Kendall organizes all the artwork thematically in the presentation. It’s an extremely popular show for the amateur artist, whose pieces will grace the same walls that often feature some of the best artists in the world.

“January will be pretty busy because submissions are due on Jan.5, though we are accepting them now,” said Kendall. “And then the show opens on Jan.13 and lasts for 10 days.”

A reception on opening day will precede several events during the week to correspond with the exhibition. During the third Carleton Community Art Exhibition three years earlier, the gallery put on a community showcase night that featured video art, writing, spoken word, and music—artistic expression that can’t be hung on a wall.

In 2014 the MA curator of the show, Danuta Sierhuis, counted 150 artists that contributed 250 pieces of art. She said many people with no direct connection to art in their jobs or studies often submitted the most interesting work.

“I think it’s a great way for the students, staff, faculty, and alumni to show a side of themselves that might not get noticed otherwise,” said Sierhuis, who will submit two woven pieces to the show.

All interested Carleton faculty, staff, students and alumni should visit CUAG.ca to learn how enter and submit artwork into the exhibit.