Students celebrate Giving Tuesday 2016 in Alumni Hall

Giving Tuesday a Major Success for Carleton

By Ariel Vered
Photos by Chris Roussakis

The fourth annual Giving Tuesday on Nov. 29 was a major success for Carleton University. A total of $393,867 was raised in a remarkable display of the school’s culture of philanthropy.

With $243,867 donated through 977 gifts to–Carleton’s online crowdfunding platform–plus an additional $150,000 in first-come first-served matching funds, the university surpassed its ambitious $150,000 goal by midday.

Giving Tuesday, a campaign to promote philanthropy as a counterpart to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a primarily digital initiative that came to Canada from the United States in 2013.

Carleton’s annual Giving Tuesday campaign, called “Carleton’s Day for Good,” was simultaneously celebrated with a lively on-campus event held at Alumni Hall that showcased some of the important projects on FutureFunder.

“It’s great to have an on-campus presence, especially for members of the student population, to bring an awareness that philanthropy is a really important thing on campus,” said Amy Ramnarine, marketing and communications coordinator for Carleton’s University Advancement communications.

The event offered inflatable games, a trivia prize wheel and an #UnSelfie booth, where people took selfies that highlighted ways they give back to their community.

Many project champions, including members of Carleton’s athletics teams, were on hand at booths to represent their FutureFunder projects. Carleton University President Roseann O’Reilly Runte, Ravens Football Head Coach Steve Sumarah, as well as Louise Hayes and Mathew Main, president and vice-president of Carleton’s Alumni Association, were in attendance to celebrate the fundraising spirit of the day.

Giving Tuesday a Part of Year-Round Giving Opportunities

Carleton’s Giving Tuesday campaign promotes the year-round funding opportunities of FutureFunder, which was designed in 2013 to communicate the university’s and students’ fundraising needs to donors by making the impact of philanthropy personal and specific. “It was a new way to talk about giving to Carleton,” said Ryan Davies, director of University Advancement communications.

FutureFunder’s current projects run the range of individual student projects to more university-wide initiatives, demonstrating the wide variety of causes that the Carleton community supports.

“We are really proud that FutureFunder is a grassroots initiative of sorts,” said Ramnarine. “It’s students and faculty and staff themselves who are submitting the projects because they’re identifying needs in their own areas of research and study.”

According to Davies, FutureFunder has made a great difference in supporting a culture of philanthropy on campus, a long-term goal of University Advancement, by bringing the bigger cause of higher education at Carleton down to more specific projects. The continual success of Carleton’s Giving Tuesday campaign, which each year since 2013 has built on the momentum of the previous year’s success, reflects this.

“Last year, we had more than 500 gifts in 24 hours,” said Davies, prior to this year’s campaign. “Donors from all over Canada from all aspects of the Carleton community supporting all different facets of university life. We’ve made it widespread, shareable and relevant to everybody.”

Giving Tuesday 2016 clearly demonstrated that the Carleton community is here to accomplish good in the world.