Hayley Cooper, pictured here, was among the first Master of Accounting class to graduate at Carleton.

First Master of Accounting Class Graduated This November

The first class of students from the new Master of Accounting (MAcc) offered by the Sprott School of Business graduated in November.

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When Hayley Cooper heard about the MAcc, she knew that it was exactly what she wanted.

“The MAcc offered structure, a chance for a more interpersonal educational experience, a support system and an opportunity to gain an even better-rounded knowledge base that would help me in my career as a professional accountant,” said Cooper who works at the accounting firm Welch LLP.

It is an exciting time for the accounting profession in Canada as professional accounting designations have been merged under the banner of Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). The MAcc was created in response to this change to provide students with a gateway to becoming a professional accountant as well as providing an avenue for deeper study that did not previously exist.

Master of Accounting Provides Real Job Experience

The MAcc not only gives students the knowledge and support they need to succeed but also gives them real job experience. The full-time program includes a 4-month internship which helps students develop their technical skills, obtain first-hand work experience, and apply their knowledge in the field.

Bilal Sabzwari, another MAcc student, did an internship at Brookfield Renewable Energy Group in Ottawa/Gatineau where he worked as part of the accounting team for North American Operations.

“The work environment was great,” Sabzwari said. “I was there for eight months and integrated so well that, near the halfway point, some people thought I was a permanent employee!”

Sabzwari  will be starting work at the Office of The Auditor General of Canada as a Financial Audit Trainee.