Montology expert Jack D. Ives was honoured with a Festschrift in Nov. 2016

Montology Expert Jack D. Ives Honoured with a Festschrift

A Festschrift has been published in honour of Jack D. Ives, montology expert and honorary research professor of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University. A Festschrift is a collection of writings in honour of a scholar.

Festschrift for a Mountain Advocate, edited by Kumar Mainali and Seth Sicroff, with a foreword by Bruno Messerli, calls Ives the most influential advocate for mountain communities and ecosystems.

Montology: Moving Mountains to a Global Priority

“In addition to contributions in the field of glaciology, mountain hazard management, and integrated mountain research and development,” the Festschrift continues,” Ives was a leader of the small cluster of scientists who moved mountains from a marginal academic concern to a top global priority. The contributors to this volume include students, colleagues and several of the original members of the “Mountain Mafia,” as well as a transect of the montologists who have helped carry out the mandate of the 1992 Rio Summit.

The Festschrift is available for purchase online.