Carleton University to Host Go Eng Girl Event for Students and Parents

Carleton University will be hosting the annual Go Eng Girl, an event for girls from grades 7 to 10 and their parents to learn more about academic programs and careers in engineering. The event is supported by the nationally-recognized Virtual Ventures program, offered by the research-intensive Faculty of Engineering and Design.

When: Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Where: Bell Theatre, Minto Building, Carleton University
Info: This event is free. Registration is required.

The Carleton Go Eng Girl event will feature hands-on workshops to allow students to experience the fun, teamwork and creativity of engineering. Students, faculty and alumnae will be present to speak with students and parents about studies and career opportunities in the engineering field.

About Go Eng Girl

Held across Ontario and Canada, Go Eng Girl is committed to encouraging girls to explore the field of engineering and design. Go Eng Girl event is celebrating its 12th year since launching in Ontario in 2005. This year’s event is expected to host 1,200 attendees across the province. To date the event has hosted nearly 16,000 students and parents.

Current Statistics indicate that only one in five undergraduate engineering students is female. Go Eng Girl is committed to dispelling stereotypes and raising awareness of opportunities in engineering and design.

Since the inception of Go ENG Girl, participation of female students in engineering programs across Ontario has risen from 15 per cent to 21 per cent over 10 years.

Go ENG Girl is organized and hosted by the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering (ONWIE) at 16 locations throughout the province.

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