Hot Topic: Trudeau Addresses the United Nations

Justin Trudeau will address the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, Sept. 20 delivering his first speech at the UN forum that had a difficult relationship with Canada’s previous government.

Carleton experts are available to discuss his address and the topics covered.

Richard Nimijean
Professor in the School of Canadian Studies


Nimijean was educated in political science and public policy, and has researched, written and taught in the areas of Canadian studies, Canadian politics, regional innovation systems, science and technology policy and scholarly communication.

Nimijean is active in the Canadian studies community, participating in activities sponsored by the Association of Canadian Studies, the Association for Canadian Studies in United States, the British Association of Canadian Studies, the Mexican Association of Canadian Studies, the International Council of Canadian Studies and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. He has delivered talks across Canada, the United States, Mexico, England, Ireland, Italy, Chile and Argentina.

James Milner
Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science

Phone: 613-520-2600, ext. 2211

Milner has been a researcher, practitioner and policy advisor on issues relating to refugees, peace building, African politics and the United Nations system. He has worked as a consultant for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). He is the author of Refugees, the State and the Politics of Asylum in Africa, co-author of UNHCR: The Politics and Practice of Refugee Protection and co-editor of Protracted Refugee Situations: Political, Human Rights and Security Implications.

Andrea Charron
Assistant Professor in the 
Department of Political Science

Phone: (613) 520-2600 ext. 1387 or 204-474-9834

Charron was a participant of Canada’s Management Trainee Programme and worked for various federal departments including the Privy Council Office in the Security and Intelligence Secretariat. She is now a research associate at Carleton’s Centre for Security and Defence Studies at NPSIA, where she was a SSHRC post-doctoral fellow. She is author of UN Sanctions and Conflict: Responding to Peace and Security Threats, which explores the application of the UN Security Council’s mandatory sanctions since 1946, and, in particular, the regimes adopted for specific types of conflict. Her research interests include UN sanctions, Article 41 tools and Canadian foreign and defence policy.

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