President Runte delivers the State of the University address in September 2016 in front of a chalkboard as a crowd of onlookers listens.

President Runte Delivers Annual State of the University Address

Carleton President Roseann Runte delivered her annual State of the University Address to the Carleton community on Friday, Sept. 9, 2016.

The address covered a number of topics, from the state of post secondary education funding to the exciting achievements of Carleton researchers, students and more.

“Higher education has been the subject of more than the usual number of stories in newspapers, magazines, and books this year,” said President Runte during her address. “These narratives constitute a litany of the latest social, economic, and environmental issues and speculations on how universities can/should resolve them, cheerfully espousing and indeed, inspiring change, while maintaining quality and reducing costs. New “scientific” methods are proposed, including “inventology” and the creation of “x teams.” In just one year we have moved from design as the ubiquitous solution to all, to a bit of an existential identity crisis, the deconstruction of design. This activity is fired on the one hand by the necessity for discovery (as much of ancient wisdom as new combinations and creations), and on the other, by the recognition that immediate utility (codified in a single word that just happens to have four letters: jobs) and the long-term pursuit of theory and the theoretical are not entirely consonant.”

Read the entire text of her address here.