Carleton community supporter Erica Cherney speaks at a podium with the Carleton logo in the background

Carleton Community Mourns the Passing of Erica Cherney

The Carleton community is mourning the loss of alumna Erica Cherney, who graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1952. She passed away at her home on Tuesday, Aug. 16 after battling cancer.

Cherney remained a valued member of the Carleton community throughout her lifetime, and she received the university’s Humanitarian Award in 2015 for her contributions to business, economic development, the arts, education, philanthropy, health care, human rights and community building.

Erica Cherney about to be embraced by a friend.Erica Cherney receives her award from Jerry Tomberlin, Dean of the Sprott School of BusinessErica Cherney poses for a picture with members of her family in front of a CU75 backdrop