Hot Topic: Supreme Court Extends Rights to Métis

Carleton University experts are available to discuss the Supreme Court decision extending rights to Métis and non-status Indians.

Michael Hogue
Assistant Professor in the Department of History 

Phone: 613-520-2600, ext. 2845

Hogue is able to provide a historical context for the creation of different legal designations between Métis and status Indians.

He teaches courses in Canadian, American and Indigenous histories. He is particularly interested in the history of the North American West, Métis and First Nations histories, North American borderlands, and the histories of race and ethnicity.

Hogue is a member of Carleton’s Centre for Indigenous Research, Culture, Language and Education (CIRCLE).

Patricia McGuire
Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work

Phone: 613-520-2600, ext. 3116

McGuire specializes in issues of social work with Aboriginal communities, resilience, and work with Aboriginal women.

Sebastien Malette
Assistant Professor in the Department of Law and Legal Studies

Phone: 613-520-2600, ext.3681
Email: SebastienMalette@CUNET.CARLETON.CA

Malette is a scholar of Métis and French-Canadian heritage with ties and friendships within Aboriginal communities, including in Québec, Ontario, Manitoba and the Maritimes. He is an expert in Aboriginal law with a focus on access to justice, Indigenous legal traditions, relational politics and worldviews.

Jennifer Adese
Assistant Professor in the School of Canadian Studies

Phone: 613-520-2600, ext. 4031

Adese (Otipemisiwak/Métis) was raised in the Ohnia:kara (Niagara) region of Southern Ontario. She began at Carleton in the inaugural New Sun Visiting Aboriginal Scholar role, a position she held from September 2012 to August 2013.

Adese has published articles on Métis literatures, representations of Indigeneity by Indigenous peoples and by settler-states, Métis identity and racialization, and on racism and marginalization in the context of creative city policies.

Media Contact
Steven Reid
Media Relations Officer
Carleton University
613-520-2600 ext. 8718

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