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Carleton University Creates New Graduate Programs in Information Technology

This fall, Carleton will launch new master’s and PhD programs in Information Technology that will provide students with the skills they need to succeed in this demanding and ever-evolving field.

“These exciting new graduate programs build on the success of our unique Bachelor of Information Technology offered jointly by Carleton University and Algonquin College and will provide a gateway for undergraduate students and information specialists already working in the field to gain a deeper understanding and a higher level of skills,” says Anthony Whitehead, director of Carleton’s School of Information Technology.

The master’s degree consists of two programs: Network Technology (NET) and Digital Media (DM). Those pursuing the NET program will cover the design, management and operation of computer networks. They will develop research skills through courses and a project framework. The thesis-based DM program will focus on areas dealing with the development of content and technology for entertainment, education and communication.

The PhD program will concentrate on advanced interdisciplinary research on Digital Media and related topics and applications.

“These programs will benefit from a continuing partnership with industry that has always been a key strength of our engineering and technology programs at Carleton,” says Rafik Goubran, dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Design. “Our graduates will be prepared to fill an expanding need, as job opportunities in new digital media and network solutions are rapidly growing in both public and private sectors in Canada and globally.”

This is one of many new initiatives launched recently by Carleton’s  Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA). In the last three weeks, FGPA has announced a Master of Entrepreneurship pathway, as part of the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) program, and also a new dual-degree pathway in Economics and Business Administration.

“Graduate programs at Carleton respond to changing societal needs and keep our graduate students at the forefront of innovation,” says Matthias Neufang, dean of FGPA. “The new IT programs are prime examples of such recent initiatives.”

For more information about the master’s programs, please click here. For information about the PhD program, please click here.

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