Carleton hosts the Dick, Ruth and Judy Bell Lecture: Can Canada Become an Innovation Nation—and Why Does it Matter?

Carleton University’s Faculty of Public Affairs (FPA) hosts Kevin Lynch, vice-chairman of BMO Financial Group, presenting Can Canada Become an Innovation Nation—and Why Does it Matter?

Lynch believes that in today’s hyper-connected global economy, innovation is increasingly the core driver of sustained productivity growth and competitiveness.  But Canada is an innovation laggard and, unless reversed, the implications for growth, living standards and the middle class are not favourable.

Lynch is a distinguished former public servant with 33 years of service with the Government of Canada, serving as clerk of the Privy Council, secretary to the cabinet and head of the public service of Canada, as well as deputy minister of Finance, deputy minister of Industry and Canada’s executive director at the International Monetary Fund.

The Dick, Ruth, and Judy Bell Lecture is an annual lecture that honours the contributions of individuals to the political and public life of Canada. The lectures are devoted to discussions of political subjects, either in a present-day or historical context.  The lecture is part of FPA Research Month.

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