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Carleton Welcomes New Canada Research Chair, Renews two Current Chairs

Carleton University’s Sreeraman Rajan, associate professor in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering in the research intensive Faculty of Engineering and Design, has been named Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Sensor Systems, the Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announced today.

Carleton’s Ken Storey and Stan Winer have been renewed as CRCs. Storey, a professor in the Department of Biology in the Faculty of Science, holds the CRC in Molecular Physiology. Winer, a professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration cross-appointed with the  Department of Economics in the Faculty of Public Affairs, holds the CRC in Public Policy.

Carleton is now home to 25 CRC positions in total.

Rajan’s Research
Smart sensor systems have become an integral part of our lives. From defence applications to patient health monitoring and smart grids, they are everywhere. This research program aims to address some fundamental questions in signal processing that will spur the development of the next generations of sensor systems. Rajan’s research is highly relevant to Canadian economy and has the potential of putting Canadian companies in a position of global leadership in smart multi-sensor systems.

Storey’s Research
Modern medicine is exploring a new approach to managing critical illness by inducing the human body into a hibernation-like state with reduced metabolism that provides an exceptional protective effect. Storey’s research explores biochemical adaptations underlying animal survival, including freeze tolerance, hibernation and other environmental stresses. His research has laid unique and significant groundwork by identifying and understanding the molecular controls and processes that impart and manage cellular metabolism during hibernation and conditions of stress in a range of native Canadian animal species.

Winer’s Research
Stanley Winer’s research offers insight into how political and economic forces interact to shape public policy. Although research over the past few decades has advanced the general understanding of the political economy of fiscal and other public policies, the gap between the fiscal facts familiar to most citizens and the structures found in most existing models remains too wide. Winer, a leading scholar in the study of public finance and democratic decision making, conducts research to bridge that gap.

About the Canada Research Chair Program:
The Canada Research Chairs Program is designed to attract the best talent from Canada and around the world, helping universities achieve research excellence in a wide variety of fields. Chairholders improve Canadians’ depth of knowledge and quality of life, strengthen the country’s international competitiveness, and help train the next generation of highly-skilled people.

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