Listen to Carleton’s Fraser Taylor on CBC’s Ideas

Carleton University’s Fraser Taylor, a 2014 Killam award-winner, distinguished research professor and fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, will be featured on CBC’s Ideas with Paul Kennedy on Friday, May 30 at 9 p.m on CBC Radio 1.

Taylor introduced the new discipline of cybercartography to the world, with its capacity to illuminate socio-economic issues. His interview is part of a series presenting all of this year’s Killam Prize-winners in conversations with Kennedy.

Every year, the Canada Council and the Killam Trusts each award $100,000 to Canada’s most accomplished research minds in science, the humanities and engineering.

Ideas with Paul Kennedy covers social issues, culture and the arts, geopolitics, history, biography, science and technology and the humanities. Most of its programs are documentaries in which thoughts are gathered, contexts explored and connections made.

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