Leading Senior Executives from Private and Public Sectors Assemble in Ottawa and Toronto for the Canada India infrastructure Conference

The World Bank suggests India requires $470 billion in infrastructure, which Canadian companies are positioned to supply

Carleton University’s Canada-India Centre for Excellence, in partnership with the Canada India Foundation (CIF), held a successful a three-day infrastructure forum in Ottawa and Toronto for prominent leaders in the sector.

“The public policy expertise at Carleton University adds to the significant value of this gathering of corporate and government stakeholders,” said Teresa Wat, British Columbia’s minister of international trade. “This forum is a great opportunity for British Columbia and Ontario to showcase how Canada can play a role in helping India address its future infrastructure needs as both economies expand and grow.”

The event featured corporate, academic and government leaders and enabled all parties to discuss approaches to working in India’s emerging markets, including infrastructure, green energy and telecommunicationsall sectors of Canadian strength.

“This conference is another demonstration of Carleton University’s international vision and their efforts to help exploit the full potential of Canada-India co-operation haven’t come a day too late,” said V. Raghunathan, CEO of the GMR Varalakshmi Foundation.

The ambitious program attracted more than 200 of the most prominent stakeholders in the Canadian and Indian infrastructure sectors. Attendees were able to interact and identify opportunities to co-operate and address challenges. Stakeholders included legislators and policy-makers, regulatory agencies, institutional investors, financial institutions and service providers from Canada and India.

“The emergence of India in the past decade into an economic superpower has put the spotlight on infrastructure as a major area of opportunity that Canada can help India to address,” says V.I. “Lucky” Lakshmanan, chair of CIF. “Canada India Infrastructure Forum 2014 is the fourth forum that CIF has organized to shine the light on business opportunities in the Canada-India corridor, after energy, mining and metals and agriculture and food processing.”

Presentations covered a broad array of topics including infrastructure sub-topics such as transportation (surface, air, waterways), construction (roads, bridges, ports, terminals), water management, power, public-private partnership, societal considerations, and policy and policy recommendations.

About the Canada-India Centre for Excellence

Canada and India share a strong commitment to education, the environment, health and science. Both countries embrace technology as a means to address challenges and advance economic development. Celebrating these common goals and the mutual desire to build trade partnerships and scientific and cultural links, Carleton University has established, in collaboration with the India High Commission and community members, the Canada-India Centre for Excellence.

The centre brings together key members of the academic, business and public policy communities in both countries to provide cutting-edge research, analysis, training and exchanges.

Recently, the centre launched the Apps4Billions hackathon. The hackathon, which will take place on Oct. 18 and 19, 2014, is a creative coding marathon aimed at developing apps to solve real-world problems in high growth markets such as India, Brazil and around the world. It is supported by primary sponsor Datawind and its CEO Suneet Singh Tuli, who spoke at the launch event. The Canada-India Center also previously hosted the first Canada-India Innovation Conference.

Details about Carleton’s India connections are available at: http://www.carleton.ca/india.

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