Carleton Professors to Participate in CAN-CON Conference on Speculative Arts and Fiction

The Can-Con2013, the Canadian Conference on Speculative Arts and Fiction takes place from Friday, Oct. 4 until Sunday, Oct. 6, and three Carleton professors are taking part.

Carleton associate professor of cognitive science Jim Davies will be presenting a talk on Imagination and Artificial Intelligence on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013. Davies is an associate professor in the Institute of Cognitive Science at Carleton.  He is director of the Science of Imagination Laboratory, where he explores processes of visualization in humans and machines and specializes in artificial intelligence, analogy, problem-solving, visual analytics, artistic compellingness and creativity. His work has shown how people use visual thinking to solve problems, and how they visualize imagined situations and worlds. In his spare time, he is a published poet, an internationally-produced playwright, a professional painter, calligrapher and swing dancer.

Peter Watson, a special guest of the conference, is emeritus professor of physics at Carleton with an extensive teaching and research record. Just some of his research includes quark modules, muonic atoms, higgs phenomenology, broken colour models, nuclear matter, neutrino phenomenology, ultra-cold neutrons, gamma-ray bursts and pulsars. He is an experienced public educator.

Also a special guest, Jeffrey M. Manthorpe is an assistant professor of synthetic organ chemistry at Carleton. His research focused on the development of new asymmetric methodology and applications to biology relevant molecules, both natural and unnatural. When not in the lab he enjoys spending time with his Newfoundland dogs, cycling, rock climbing, playing hockey and listening to music. He enjoys public education and sharing science.

CAN-CON is Ottawa’s premiere Science Fiction and Fantasy gathering celebrating the written word. This annual event brings together readers, writers, scientists, publishing professionals for panel discussions, workshops, presentations, readings, book launches, networking opportunities and to have fun. CAN-CON is a function of The Society for Canadian Content in Speculative Arts and Literature.

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