Author Meets Readers Series Set to Begin

By Kristy Strauss

Grab a drink, have a seat, and learn more about the latest national and international issues – from Carleton University’s experts.

The Author Meets Readers event, sponsored by the Faculty of Public Affairs, brings together authors or professors – along with a panel – to discuss their books and allow audience members to provide their perspectives.

“The audience can come and they don’t have to read the book – it’s a book club without the guilt,” says Kyla Reid, a faculty research facilitator who helped organize the event.

The faculty held the first three sessions at the Georgetown Pub throughout the winter semester last year. Due to its popularity, the event is returning three times a semester and will now be hosted in a bigger venue at Irene’s Pub on Bank Street.

“We had great audience participation, and the feedback has been pretty positive,” says Reid.

The event was partially inspired by the Faculty of Science’s Science Café, which is also a public outreach event showcasing university research to a wider audience.

Karen Schwartz, associate dean of research and graduate affairs for the Faculty of Public Affairs, has also been involved in organizing the event and says it is a great way to engage the community.

“It gives the community a better understanding of what goes on in the university and shows our research is relevant,” Schwartz says.  “It’s important for people in the community to know that research in the Faculty of Public Affairs is very relevant and timely, and something they would find interesting.”

The first Author Meets Readers event of the semester features Prof. Melissa Haussman’s book, Reproductive Rights and the State: Getting the Birth Control, RU-486, and Morning-After Pills and the Gardasil Vaccine to the U.S. Market.

Schwartz says it is the first book to examine the politicization of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA )approval process for reproductive drugs

“There’s a focus on the United States, but there’s lots of similarities in Canada,” she says.

The event takes place Sept. 26, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Irene’s Pub.

On Oct. 24, the faculty will host the next Author Meets Readers event featuring the work of Prof. Susan Braedley, who co-edited the book Troubling Care – a critique about the kind of care available to seniors.

At the end of November, the third event will feature Prof.  Vivek Dehejia’s book Indianomix: Making Sense of Modern India.

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