Carleton Graduate Programs in the Humanities Go Digital

Carleton University is pleased to announce a new collaborative MA in Digital Humanities that will offer broader range of material than any program of its kind in Canada.

It used to be that technology was reserved for computer scientists and engineers, but in the last few years, digital humanities have exploded around the globe. The program will help students rethink how the digital world opens up a variety of new possibilities for the humanities, including how we understand art, film, music, literature and popular culture; how we develop new forms of collective memory; and how we create global communities and intercultural dialogue.

“This program will enable current graduate students to add value to their existing degrees by gaining new knowledge and skills in the rapidly growing field of digital humanities,” said Brian Greenspan, director of the Hypertext and Hypermedia Lab.

Master’s students from the following departments will be eligible for the program: Anthropology, Applied Linguistic and Discourse Studies, Art History, Canadian Studies, English Language and Literature, Film Studies, French and Francophone Studies, History, Music and Culture, Public History, Philosophy and Sociology.

“The so-called digital revolution isn’t so much a singular revolution as it is an era of extended, continuous innovation – an era in which we are constantly learning and adapting to new challenges and possibilities,” said Paul Théberge, graduate co-ordinator for Digital Humanities. “The Digital Humanities program will help students develop new insights and strategic knowledge at a time when our notions of culture and cultural form are in a state of transformation.”

Students will undertake an original research project while engaging with students and faculty from across the university. A practicum option will allow them to work closely with public and private-sector partners who rely heavily on digital media, including partners in media production, entertainment, library and archives, museum, digital gaming, travel and tourism, advertising and technical writing.

The new collaborative MA in Digital Humanities builds on Carleton’s expertise, resources and research emanating from Carleton research centres such as:

The program is housed in the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture, which already offers the PhD program in Cultural Mediations.

More information about the collaborative Master’s program in Digital Humanities, including how to apply is available on this website:

More information about all of Carleton’s graduate programs is available at:


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