Carleton Releases Donor Agreement on Graduate Program in Political Management

Ottawa – Carleton University’s program in political management is an excellent academic initiative. It carefully respects cross-partisan political balance and offers students the opportunity to gain valuable insights from past and present government advisers and political leaders. This year, faculty members and speakers have included dozens of experts from across the country.

In response to a request under Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), and with the authorization of donor Clayton Riddell, Carleton is releasing today the text of the Donor Agreement.

An excellent faculty has been recruited, possessing the highest academic standards and practical experience across party lines to offer core courses and electives incorporating the cross-partisan dimension and strong ethical component which were two of the key design specifications for the program.

Clayton Riddell has also noted that the initial target of graduating 25 students in the first year will likely be met, “that the initial year’s cohort of students is of very high calibre, and that they have provided the University with positive feedback regarding the program.’’

“I am told that the numbers and qualifications of applicants for next year arealso very strong, which suggests that the reputation of the program, as we had hoped, is attracting some of Canada’s best and brightest.’’

Carleton is grateful to Mr. Riddell for his generosity and his determination to ensure that the program in his name continues to be recognized as a leading platform for raising the bar in Canadian democratic governance.

The Donor Agreement for the Political Management program provides for a Steering Committee composed of two members selected by Carleton, two by the donor and a fifth by mutual agreement of the parties to the agreement. Although the program’s steering committee was authorized to participate in the hiring process and to approve the budget, it actually had no representation on Carleton’s hiring committees and all final hiring and budgetary decisions were made by Carleton in accordance with our normal academic policies, processes and procedures.

Dozens of experts have been involved with the program as staff, instructors, guest speakers and fellows run the gamut of political stripes and professions – from former political advisers to long-time educators, public relations professionals, pollsters and journalists. They include: Eddie Goldenberg, chief of staff to former Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien; Anne McGrath, former chief of staff to the late NDP leader Jack Layton; Danielle Smith, leader of the Wildrose Alliance; Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson; David McLaughlin, former chief of staff to Brian Mulroney; Globe and Mail columnist Lawrence Martin; Delta Media CEO William Stairs; the Rt. Hon. Joe Clark; TVO host Steve Paikin; Bill Fox, former press secretary to BrianMulroney; Ottawa MPP Yasir Naqvi; Brad Lavigne, national campaign director for the NDP in 2011; Bob Rae, interim Leader of the Liberal Party; Barry Devolin, assistant deputy speaker in the House of Commons; Kenneth Cosgrove, Fulbright Research Chair at Carleton; Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page; and Stephen Lecce, deputy director of communications in the PMO.

Fellows for the 2011-2012 academic year included Scott Reid, former PMO director of communications under Paul Martin; lobbyist Michael Robinson; political columnist Paul Wells; Peter Milliken, former speaker of the House of Commons; and Liz Mulholland, independent public policy consultant.

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