Construction Crisis-Hot Topic July 3-4

From the tragic collapse of the mall roof in Elliot lake to concrete and glass falling from bridges and condominiums in Toronto, questions abound about what kind of structures are at risk and why.

We would like to offer you a chance to speak to our Carleton University experts on July 3-4.

David Lau

Professor of Civil Engineering, Associate Director, Ottawa-Carleton Earthquake Engineering Research Centre, Director, Ottawa-Carleton Bridge Research Institute, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Office: 613-520-2600 ext. 7473, Cell: 613-884-0800, Email:

Lau’s research includes structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, monitoring and assessment of large structures, development of measurement and high-speed computer-data processing techniques for real-time monitoring, repair, retrofit and strengthening techniques and strategies for existing bridges, buildings, liquid storage tanks and other infrastructures.

Ted Sherwood

Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering

Phone: 613-520-2600 ext. 3008, Email:

Sherwood’s research involves studying reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures, integration of modern materials, rehabilitation techniques and analytical methods with current concrete design practices, design methods for structures incorporating fibre-reinforced concrete, high-performance concrete and high-strength reinforcement, shear behaviour of large, lightly-reinforced concrete structures, strut-and-tie models, applications of advanced composite materials in concrete construction and concrete durability and corrosion.


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