NDP Leadership, Bill C-11, World Water Day: Hot Topics for March 21, 2012

(Ottawa) – Carleton University experts are on standby to provide commentary on today’s hot topics.

NDP Leadership

William Cross
Professor, Department of Political Science
Bell Chair in Canadian Parliamentary Democracy
613-520-2600, ext. 2799

William Cross is a student of Canadian political institutions and his work emphasizes the connections between civil society and political parties and legislatures. He is an expert in political party organization, party members and party leadership selection. His new book on the subject was published in January 2012 by Oxford University Press and is entitled Politics at the Centre: the Selection and Removal of Party Leaders in the Anglo Parliamentary Democracies.  

Paul Adams
Assistant Professor, Journalism and Communication

Paul Adams is a veteran of CBC Television’s The National as well as CBC Radio and the Globe and Mail. His specialty is political reporting and he has been posted in the Middle East, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton. He is also the former executive director of EKOS Research, a public opinion research firm. He is able to discuss the changing status of the parties and is in the process of writing a book on the subject.

Jon Pammett
Professor, Political Science

Jon H. Pammett is an expert on elections, survey research and trends in political participation.  He is co-editor (with Chris Dornan) of The Canadian Federal Election of 2011 and co-author of Dynasties and Interludes: Past and Present in Canadian Electoral Politics.  Pammett can discuss the electoral appeal of the NDP.

Richard Nimijean
Lecturer, School of Canadian Studies
613-520-2600, ext. 2029

Richard Nimijean is able to discuss issues related to Canadian politics, the role of nationalism, national identity and ideology in shaping the party’s future. He is also able to discuss issues relating to branding Canada, and Canadian nationalism and identity. 


Bill C-11 – the Copyright Act

Dwayne Winseck
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication
613-520-2600, ext. 7525

Dwayne Winseck is cross-appointed with the Institute of Political Economy. He is an expert on the political economies of communication, media history, new media, communications networks and their relationships with markets and media regulation.

World Water Day

Banu Örmeci

Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Canada Research Chair in Wastewater Treatment Engineering
613 520-2600×4144

Banu Örmeci is an expert in the treatment and management of biosolids, the disinfection of water and wastewater and advanced ultraviolet processes. Her research has applications for the optimization of water treatment processes and the development of new and innovative treatment technologies. She is able to discuss issues related to water safety, water and wastewater treatment, public health engineering and the importance of protecting the quality and quantity of water supplies.

Natalie Linklater
PhD Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Natalie Linklater has both an undergraduate and master’s degree from Carleton. She is researching the use of UV irradiation and alternative chemical disinfectants for water disinfection. She has recently been awarded the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Graduate Engineering Scholarship. Natalie is able to discuss issues relating to water and wastewater treatment, disinfection methods, testing methods, sewer overflows and alternative treatment methods.

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