Super Tuesday, National Engineering Month and International Women’s Week: Hot Topics for March 6, 2012

(Ottawa) – Carleton University experts are on standby to provide commentary on today’s hot topics.

Super Tuesday

Melissa Haussman
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

In 2008, Professor Haussman, an American, led a group of Carleton students on an excursion to Massachusetts to work on the Hillary Clinton campaign in the final days before Super Tuesday.  Haussman has worked on congressional and presidential primary campaigns, and in the Massachusetts state legislature.

She is able to comment on long and short-term aspects of party and electoral change in the U.S., the U.S. presidential primary system, party financing, women in politics and the current trajectory of the Republican party.

Robert Jackson
Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science
Professor of Government and Director of International Relations at the University of Redlands in California

Dr. Jackson has taught courses in Canadian, comparative and international relations for 35 years, as well as advanced seminars on “Security and Crises” in both Canada and the United States. He is undertaking a major study of the complexities of global politics and the changing nature of security, especially the importance of children and armed conflict. He is available to speak on issues surrounding foreign policy, strategic issues and terrorism.

National Engineering Month

March is National Engineering Month in Canada and Carleton engineers are getting in on the action. Carleton is holding its own Engineering Week, with events ranging from a design competition to the creation and demonstration of a Rube Goldberg Machine. A full schedule of events can be seen here.

Winnie Ye
Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics
Canada Research Chair in Nano-scale IC Design for Reliable Opto-Electronics and Sensors
613-520-2600, ext. 8395

Winnie Ye’s current research involves applied research in communications technologies, including photonics. She is currently working on applications of photonics for communications, sensing and renewable energy. Much of her research is conducted in Carleton’s clean lab, a vibration free facility. Carleton is one of the few institutions in Canada with such a facility.

Ye is available to speak to the media about applications for photonics and her experience as an engineer at Carleton.

International Women’s Week

International Women’s Week is a global week celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women in the past, present and future. It honours the work of the suffragettes who campaigned for the right to vote for women. A schedule of events can be seen here.

Linda Duxbury
Professor, Sprott School of Business

Linda Duxbury is a pioneer in the field of organization health. Her interests also lie in issues surrounding managing a changing workforce. She is an expert on women in policing, and can also speak on work-life issues and how men are bahving more like women, not the reverse.

Jennifer Evans
Associate Professor and Graduate Chair, Department of History
613.520.2600 ext. 2848

Jennifer Evans is available to speak about the history of International Women’s Day and its place around the world. Her current research includes a project called Hate 2.0 which is a look at how the right wing is using social media. She is also working on a book that looks at the persecution of gays and lesbians under Nazism and in the Cold War. She is investigating ways that social media is used to generate historical knowledge, critical thinking and political mobilization/organization.

Linda Schweitzer
Assistant Professor, Sprott School of Business
613-520-2600 ext. 1967

Linda Schweitzer teaches knowledge management in both the Ottawa and Shanghai MBA programs. Her recent research with respect to gender is limited to the pay expectations gap. She is also an expert in areas of alternate work arrangements (telework and virtual teams), strategic human resources management, organizational behavior, women in business and society, as well as generations in the workplace.

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