Carleton University Celebrates GIS Day: Come Discover the World of Digital Mapping

Carleton University invites the public to the 11th anniversary of GIS Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2009. 

Carleton University’s GIS Day showcase and trade show will include mapping displays, activities, and interactive demonstrations of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

Developed in Canada, the use of GIS technology is so common that it is now annually celebrated around the globe as part of Geography Awareness Week.

To mark GIS Day 2009, Natural Resources Canada will announce the release of an updated edition of the Atlas of Canada 1:4 000 000 scale reference map of Canada.

Geography matters in every career and every discipline. Wherever you turn, geography helps people do a better job and make a difference in our world. GIS technology is used daily to help fight forest fires, predict disease outbreaks and plan vacations. Finding the best route, locating the closest store or creating a custom map for hiking – all of these tasks are done with the use of GIS technology.  Come to GIS Day at Carleton University, meet current students in the program and see what the technology can do for you.

Attendees can participate in the following activities:

A high-tech GPS treasure hunt game played throughout the world by adventure seekers. Hosted by the Carleton University Geographic Association, we’ve created our own mini-game which includes a GPS unit, clues and an outdoor adventure.

Online Mapping Resources
Do you want to discover some new Online Mapping Resources?  Create your own custom map or see the world through the eyes of a bird?  Staff from the Carleton University Library’s Maps, Data and Government Information Centre will guide you.

Where in the World Were You Born?
Kick it old school and “pin” point your birthplace on a paper map. A large map of the World will show you where your fellow participants were born.

GIS Day will be held in the Loeb Lounge, 2nd floor of the Loeb Building, Carleton University.

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For more information:
Joël Rivard
Data Technician
Maps, Data & Government Information Centre
Carleton University Library
613-520-2600 ext. 1685