A gift for the ages: Multimillion-dollar donation creates comprehensive scholarship for Humanities students at Carleton

Carleton University announced today a multimillion-dollar gift that will establish an innovative scholarship in its College of the Humanities, a scholarship that will cover all expenses for students who are pursuing a classical liberal arts education.

Pamela and Richard Joho are donating the bulk of their life savings through lifetime and planned giving arrangements. This exceptional gift will endow the scholarship, which will cover the full cost of an undergraduate degree, including four years of tuition, housing, meals, textbooks, and personal expenses, for students in the College of the Humanities.

Mr. and Mrs. Joho discovered the College of the Humanities through internet research and felt its interdisciplinary academic approach fit perfectly with their belief in the value of a liberal arts education. “Struggling with the great issues of literature, of philosophy, or of our history prepares a person for the challenges of life and, just as importantly, it best prepares one to appreciate fully the joys and mysteries of life,” said Richard.

The Johos specifically chose to endow a scholarship so that students would be freed to focus exclusively on their studies. “We want to relieve prospective students’ financial worries because, for most of them, their university days are the last opportunity to savour these issues with complete attention before beginning their careers and families,” said Pamela.

“The College of the Humanities offers an innovative and unique way to study the fundamental questions of our society. The Johos have just dramatically enhanced that experience,” said Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte, president and vice-chancellor, Carleton University. “As one of the largest-ever donations to Carleton University, and certainly the largest ever made to the study of humanities, this gift will provide generations of promising scholars unparalleled freedom to learn and study. We are extremely grateful for their incredible generosity.”

“The College of the Humanities uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide a distinctive undergraduate education,” explained Dr. John Osborne, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. “Mr. and Mrs. Joho recognize that this approach provides a solid, well-rounded foundation for a rewarding personal and professional life. We are thankful for their confidence in our faculty, our teaching methods, and the enormous potential of our students. ”

The inaugural Richard and Pamela Joho Scholarship will be awarded in 2010 to selected humanities students who demonstrate both academic merit and extra-curricular and/or community involvement.

As part of their gift, Mr. and Mrs. Joho are also bequeathing their extensive personal collection of classics, humanities, political science, philosophy, history, and general interest books and papers to the College. This collection will enhance the existing library within the College of the Humanities, providing an exceptional academic resource for students, faculty, alumni and the Ottawa community.

The College of the Humanities was founded in 1996 to provide an undergraduate education for students drawing on all the traditional Arts subjects through the Bachelor of Humanities program. The interdisciplinary character of the College has recently been enhanced by the addition of a Bachelor of Arts in Greek and Roman Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. Thanks to this rich mix of programs, the College allows faculty and students to benefit from each other’s study of the various Arts disciplines and fosters collegiality among its students through small discussion groups and their own College precinct.


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